Canada’s culinary experience includes a variety and mix of ingredients from different countries and cultures. There are many types of popular Calgary favorite foods that are clamored by many Canadians. There is an array of choices for local cuisine in every neighborhood.

When it comes to the local food scene, Calgary is definitely one of the places that have a lot of variety. It has Canada’s most popular dishes and many other unique and interesting cuisines that you can try. The quality and standard of Calgary favorite foods can go head to head with other international dishes and restaurants.

Canadians are patronizing everything local. Many locals are loving and embracing the homegrown food, ingredients, and restaurants. This is a growing trend in the food industry.

According to surveys, Canadians are starting to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy food. Therefore, many Calgary favorite foods and restaurants are incorporating healthy ingredients and cooking methods in their menu. Canadian citizens are trying to find a balance between healthy eating and at the same time, continue to enjoy the comfort food they are used to.

However, defining the Canadian national food might be a bit of a challenge. Here are some popular choices that are included in the Calgary favorite foods category.

Calgary’s Favorite:

  1. Poutine – This is made up of french fries, cheese curds in a pool of gravy. It is usually the first dish that comes to mind when you mention Canadian food. It is dubbed as Canada’s national dish.
  2. Bacon – Canadian bacon is famous all over the world. Canadians are big bacon lovers and are very passionate when it comes to eating. There are different ways to cook this cured pork.
  3. Maple Syrup – Canada’s flag is represented by the maple leaf which makes the maple syrup a staple at every Canadian’s home. Quebec is the biggest producer of maple syrup in the world. Around 75 to 80 percent of the entire supply comes from Canada.
  4. Tourtière – This traditional meat pie is made of ground pork or beef with a hint of spice. This delicacy is inspired by French-Canadian cuisine and is usually prepared during Christmas time.
  5. Alberta Beef – The list would not be complete without the infamous Alberta beef. This is a triple-A quality beef and is indeed one of the best in the world. Alberta is home to the largest cattle herd in the country.
  6. Montreal Bagels – These baked goodies have a distinct taste over your regular bagels and are a tad sweeter. These are best paired with cream cheese and lox.
  7. Beaver Tails – This is a popular pastry treat made out of fried dough with candy, fruit and chocolate toppings. These pastries resemble a beaver’s tail, hence the name.
  8. Nanaimo Bars – These bars are made up of a mix of coconut, vanilla custard, graham crumbs, walnuts, and chocolate. There are some bars that include peanut or mint.
  9. Wild Game Meat – Although not all Canadians are fond of eating wild animal meat, this is still a huge part of Canadian tradition. This includes deer, elks, boars, rabbits, and other hunted animals.

10.  Butter Tarts – This is a classic dessert favored by many Canadians. It is baked with eggs, butter, sugar, and syrup in a pastry dough. It is usually topped with nuts or raisins.

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Canada’s culinary experience includes a variety and mix of ingredients from different countries and cultures. There are many types of popular Calgary favorite foods that are […]
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