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June 18, 2016
Canadian Food List
August 17, 2016

Canada’s Popular Eats

There are different kinds of Canadian cuisine depending on various areas of the nation. The earliest food inspirations come from English, French, British and Scottish roots. However, Calgary foods have evolved with other influences from different countries around the world.

Some Canadians perceive the country’s national dishes as a combination of ingredients from other cultures, a cuisine from other cuisines. Due to its influx of immigrants, Canadian food has become a reflection of the many cultures and how the dishes are combined. The traditional cuisine is cooked from farmed agricultural products where every state uses their local culinary resources as well their own technique of preparing food.

European settlers have influenced the Canadian’s preference for salt-cured fish, pork, and beef. The famous Montreal-style bagels, smoked meat, rye bread and cheese are just some of the Calgary foods Canadians love to eat. Some restaurants that serve international cuisine are customizing their dishes to fit the local taste.

Most Canadians consider certain ingredients as part of their national dish. The list includes poutine, Montreal-style bagels, salmon jerky, pierogi, ketchup chips, nova scotiandonair and California roll. In some surveys, maple syrup is included in the list.

Wild games are considered a hobby by many locals. Animals including deer, moose, and elk are popular eats all over the country. This is a traditional practice which is a part of the Canadian culture. Some regions eat seal meat, wild ducks, and geese. Hunters eat bear and beaver but are not a popular dish among many citizens.

Canada manufactures good cheese and produces great beers.  Most cities in Canada produce a variety of street food. These specialty street food are tailor-fit per region depending on its availability. Pizzas, sausages, shawarmas are just some of the most popular food from street vendors all over Canada.

Some must-try Canadian dishes include:

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich – This popular dish has a special and distinct technique in preparation. Although smoked meat is a common food ingredient in Canada, a sprinkle of cracked peppercorn makes it sweeter with minimal spice as compared to other smoked meat.

  • Nova Scotia Donair – It is a famous street snack that is made up of spicy ground beef in a pita, stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and a specially made sweet sauce. The sauce is a whip of evaporated milk, sugar, vinegar, and garlic powder. This specific dish typically hails from the East Coast but is already available all over the country.
  • Beaver Tails – This pastry is deep-fried and presented to match the animal’s tail. It is prepared with a warm dough, topped with sweets and butter. The toppings include a mix of fruits, candy, and chocolate.
  • Poutine – This dish is probably the most popular across all Canadian cuisine. It is created with a mix of hand-cut fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Poutine originates from Quebec while Montreal has made this dish a staple choice among Canadian citizens.
  • Butter Tarts – This baked pastry is filled with butter, syrup, sugar, and egg. It may be mixed with nuts or raisins. These tarts are common across Eastern provinces especially Ontario. These tarts are one of the favorite choices of Canadians.

These dishes are popular among Calgary foods.  Many Canadians are exceptional food lovers. If you visit Canada, always make sure to try these famous eats.