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August 17, 2016

Beer Festival 101 for First Timers

Beer festivals are held all throughout the world not just for the entertainment of beer enthusiasts, but also to showcase the breweries that craft our beers. During my first visit to the beer festival I was able to talk with people from alberta breweries that were kind enough to throw me some tips so that I would be better on my next beer festival. You see, I came unprepared thinking that since all that I needed to do was drink, it wouldn’t really be hard- i was wrong. After being able to attend a couple of times, I’m now ready to share with you a list how you should prepare and what to expect on your first beer festival.


  1. Build up your tolerance level.

There are two kinds of people that attend beer festivals; those who drink just for the fun of the festival itself, and those who are really enthusiastic about beer and provide reviews to breweries about what they would rate the product. Whichever you are, you will be chugging a lot of beer and so best to come prepared. Test your limits, and get your body to be used to the alcohol and of course the effects of it. Take note that this is different from drinking yourself to become drunk, you will merely be letting alcohol regularly into your system so as to prevent shock during the festival itself.


  1. Have enough sleep.

A day before the event, be sure to sleep early and have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. High tolerance of alcohol cannot be utilized well if you are feeling tired. Think of it as running a marathon, to survive the race you have to be charged.


  1. Do not come or leave thirsty, stay hydrated.

Even if you will be dealing with a lot of coloured liquid for the day, nothing can substitute water. Beer cannot really hydrate your body, so before going in for the kill be sure that you are hydrate. This will also help in detoxifying your system and prevent the alcohol you’ve consumed in further damaging your body.


  1. Eat and drink.

Consuming solid food will help because it can absorb the alcohol content of all the beers you’ve tasted and therefore extending your capacity to drink. This is basic knowledge, but food will give you strength so make sure not to set aside an empty stomach.


  1. Do not smoke.

Beer enthusiasts and advocates rarely smoke because it numbs the palates of further tasting the beer to be consumed. Your sense of smell and taste becomes dull and therefore you will not be able to fully enjoy what the beer has to offer. Be kind to your body and limit the consumption only to alcohol, it will thank you later.


  1. Know your limits.

Moderation is key to a fun beer festival. If you think you’ve already reached your tipping point, then take a moment to relax and let things rest. Attending a festival is not a competition, and when you’re to intoxicated to even think, then that’s probably a sign that your body does not want anymore trouble and that you should stop.


Be sure to consider the above tips before you go to that festival. Never go unprepared, it is a battle you will not win.